Posted 3 years ago

By Post Staff

Deb Fischer is now officially Nebraska’s newest U-S Senator, taking the oath of office of Thursday as the successor to Democrat Ben Nelson, who did not seek reelection for a third term.

Fischer was escorted by Nebraska senior senator Mike Johanns and former Nebraska Senator David Karnes with Vice President Joe Biden administering the oath with Fischer’s husband Bruce, family, and friends in attendance.

Fischer, a Republican and Valentine-area rancher, was one of 12 new senators to be sworn in and is one of 20 female members of the Senate.

The former Nebraska State Senator says it will be an honor to serve Nebraskans and tackle the huge issues facing the country, adding as she often did during the campaign that she would “bring some Nebraska common sense to Washington.”

Her priorities…also repeated frequently during the campaign are to cut federal spending, set priorities for government, reduce needless regulations, and bring comprehensive tax reform.

Fischer has made several trips to Washington since beating former senator and governor Bob Kerrey in November, including 3 days for  Senate orientation…where she learned about Senate ethics, rules and procedures. She says she wants to represent Nebraska with dignity and integrity.

Upon conclusion of the ceremony, Senator Fischer released the following statement:

“Today, I placed my hand on the Bible and swore to ‘support and defend’ the Constitution – a sacred charge I take with great humility. I am committed to working with my colleagues – Republicans and Democrats – to restore America’s fidelity to her constitutional principles. This requires policies that limit the size of government, revitalize our ailing economy, and respect the liberties and hard-earned money of American taxpayers. The road ahead requires tough choices, and I will cast my votes solely on the merits of policies and their impact on Nebraskans and the nation.

“I look forward to serving all Nebraskans and encourage them to remain engaged in the democratic process beyond just participating in elections. A healthy democracy requires an ongoing conversation between lawmakers and constituents. I will actively reach out to citizens across Nebraska as we seek to shape public policy. In turn, I hope that constituents will contact me directly through phone calls, letters, and e-mails. Their wisdom comes from years spent running businesses, maintaining farms and ranches, and raising families – not time in Washington. Together, we can bring a strong dose of Nebraska common sense to Washington, D.C.

“I am thankful for this opportunity, I am honored by the trust placed in me, and I am proud to represent the interests of all Nebraskans.”