Posted 3 years ago

By Post Staff

Box Butte General Hospital (BBGH) recently expanded its public Wi-Fi coverage to better serve the needs of visiting patients, family and friends.

Several months ago, the IT department realized the increasing need to offer public Internet for our customers,” said Tony Hindman, IT Department staff member. “We’ve all been in the situation of caring for or visiting friends and family in a hospital or clinic setting, only to find that there is no Internet available for updating CaringBridge or Facebook statuses.  At BBGH, we have addressed that need by providing wireless guest internet using a system similar to those found in hotels.” 

This wireless connection, named “Public Internet”, is on a completely separate Internet connection from the main hospital network, ensuring security for BBGH systems while allowing unfiltered Internet access for hospital guests and vendors.

We currently have Public Internet available in the Patient Care Unit, ER, OB/OR Waiting Area, Radiology, and Medical Arts Plaza,” Mr. Hindman concluded. “We will continue to evaluate our signal coverage and will add or reposition access points in the facility to improve service.”