Posted 3 years ago

By Jason Wentworth

WASHINGTON (AP) – David Letterman says he still doesn’t think the people at the Kennedy Center got it right by giving him one of its honors. The late night comedian jokingly insists there was some kind of “error in bookkeeping” and that he has people looking into it. But he still showed up for the event yesterday – since he had already paid for the suit he was wearing. He wasn’t the only one cracking jokes about his work. His boss at CBS, Les Moonves, was asked what kind of bonus the network might give Letterman for winning one of the top prizes for entertainers in this country. Moonves says Letterman shouldn’t hold his breath, saying Letterman “doesn’t need a bonus” because he is “doing very well without it.”

Others honored last night included three members of Led Zeppelin – Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones, as well as Buddy Guy, Dustin Hoffman and ballet legend Natalia Makarova (nah-TAH’-lah mah-KAHR’-oh-vah)