Posted 3 years ago

By Jason Wentworth

WASHINGTON (AP) – For a man who makes his living with words, Dustin Hoffman could only come up with one to describe his feelings at getting a Kennedy Center Honor. He described the whirlwind weekend rubbing shoulders with the president, members of the State Department and other honorees as “surreal.” One thing that made it real for him – his family. There were dozens of people who arrived with Hoffman at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts last night for his tribute. Hoffman says it was great to see them all together and all dressed up. During his tribute, Robert DeNiro says Hoffman made it hard for other actors because of his level of preparation and dedication to his craft. DeNiro says after Hoffman came along, it forced all other actors to – as DeNiro put it – “get it right.”

The Kennedy Center Honors were taped last night and will air on CBS on December 26.